Sunday 3 October 2010

Bob and Boris Bid to Boost Bicycling

In a concerted effort to increase cycling modal share, TfL, TSSA and RMT have announced disruption to the tube for Monday.

I applaud their commitment to promoting other modes of transport and hope that it will convince many people that cycling is one of the best ways to get around this great city.

For those who are thinking about cycling for the first time, the weather is set for "drizzle", which is merely another word for "refreshing", and the roads will be gridlocked, so I doubt you will need to worry about speeding cars.

There, I have spun it as best as I can. Look at it this way - cycling has to be better than waiting hours for an overcrowded bus or sitting in the car in terminal traffic or being squeezed onto a platform hoping a train that isn't full to bursting will be along soon. OK, so you might get a bit wet, but it's Britain, what do you expect?

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