Monday 4 October 2010

Latest Round of Applause

A special thanks to two special drivers

Firstly, the old chap driving a blue Ford Focus on Hoe Street this morning. Thanks for not waiting 10 seconds whilst I cycled through the road-works section with loose gravel and raised drains everywhere. Thanks for close passing me thus spraying me with gravel whilst skimming  past me. A shame you then almost immediately got caught in the queue for the lights at Church Road, but hey, it's only a cyclist!

Secondly, the driver of the ridiculous "Warrier" abomination that skimmed between me and the right-turn queue at the Bell Junction. Couldn't wait 5 seconds whilst I cleared the junction - oh no. Unless you are Russ Swift, you had no idea you were going to clear me in time and so just exhibited a wanton disregard for my safety.

So thanks to both of you. Idiots.

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