Monday 4 October 2010

Just as I publish the round of applause...

... a driver pulls out the stops and surpasses all before him today.

On Selborne Road (the one festooned with diverse road-working signs in the cycle lanes) near Sainsburys a Mercedes S class pulls alongside me and then indicates left to go into the Sainsburys car park, whilst still alongside.

He does stop to allow me to continue without suffering any physical injury, which is quite lucky as his concentration was almost all taken up by the call he was conducting on the mobile phone clamped to his ear.

I should have known - he managed to block the whole ASL and a good portion of the pedestrian crossing whilst waiting at the junction previously.

I do vaguely remember my driving test, and I am sure I had to do things in it to prove that I could be trusted in charge of a car. Has this now been abandoned these days in the effort to end the "War on the Motorist"?

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