Monday 18 October 2010

Car driving roll-call of Honour

Once again I feel compelled to mention those drivers who have gone out of their way to imprint themselves on my memory in the last couple of days.

Firstly, the chump in a black super-mini who managed not to see me dressed in hi-viz with a flashing front light on during daylight hours, and instead turned across me as he was turning right at the Major Road / Temple Mill Lane junction. I had to brake so hard the back of the cycle started to slip from under me. Thank-you for stopping and for that completely bemused look on your face as I angrily went past you. I am not sure how much more visible I can make myself - maybe if you looked instead of following the other cars like a sheep it might help?

Secondly, the man in the dilapidated blue Peugeot estate who managed to pass me and then ,just as his front wheels went past, completely forgot about my presence as he veered left without any reason at all. Well, I say no reason, but as I passed him again seconds later in the queue on the A10, I saw he was wearing earphones and playing around with an iphone in his hands.  Clearly I cannot expect him to concentrate on all these important tasks all at the same time.

Lastly, thanks to the chap on Hoe Street in the small Silver car. Some words of advice. If you are going to reverse out of a one-way street the wrong way onto a major road, it might help if you looked in your mirrors once or twice. Also, I am the last one who should give fashion advice, but that hat? No-one could look good in that - especially when matched with the look of stunned incomprehension as I overtook you. Seriously, the hat. Why?

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