Saturday 2 October 2010

Cycling powered by hot-air

Whilst scouting around the various cycling blogs, I came across this post on The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club.

It is a concise, funny and scathing attack on the habit of local and national governments (with support from cycling organisations) to generate reams of aspirational prose but not much actual achievement. It is clearly written by someone who has experienced this process at close quarters.

This is the inverse swan approach to problem solving. Loads of frenetic splashing about on the surface with nothing going on underneath. The truth is that many people don't consider cycling because they believe it is dangerous. And no amount of "sustainable transport" documents or videos of celebrities cycling is going to to change this unless it is coupled with a change to cycle provision. But this requires tough choices and money.

Apparently each borough in London has a transport document. Which suggests that Waltham Forest actually plan the crap cycle provision when I had thought they might just do it as a prank after, say, the annual Christmas Party. I will try to dig out the document, presumably it is hidden deep within the bowels of the borough website. It should provide some entertaining reading.

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