Wednesday 27 October 2010

Greenway - Linking East London to the Olympics

The other day, after I had discovered the Greenway - a cycle and pedestrian path on the top of the sewer running to Beckton, I was impressed.

I did, however wonder how on earth cyclists should cross the A11 which, at this point, is a confusion of 4 lanes of heavy traffic separated by railings. With no apparent way of crossing it to reach the other part of the Greenway.

I have just looked at google Streetview and realised the answer!

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Of course! These two cyclists are showing us the crossing provision. Run across 4 lanes of traffic and heft your bicycle over the railings!

I can see families, the young and the old flocking to the Olympics on bicycle via Greenway if this is the expected crossing method.


  1. It's okay, they're wearing high-viz! Clearly the lessons of vehicular cycling have not been lost on these two.

  2. Absolutely! A sensible precaution to wear high-viz in this situation. Otherwise trying to cross four lanes of traffic might be dangerous. Although neither are wearing a helmet, so any injury sustained by being hit by a speeding car would be the cyclist's fault.