Friday 1 October 2010

Roadworks - progress report

I reported the road-work signs littered around Central Walthamstow, most jauntily thrown into the cycle lanes by the contractors repairing the road. I sent this on the 29th September.

Freewheeler has also blogged on this today.

I received an automatic email from Waltham Forest on the 29th, thanking me for my complaint.

I cycled past the roadsigns this evening to find that they haven't been moved an inch. Imagine my confusion at this. Surely this complete lack of action to rectify a danger to cyclists can't be coming from Waltham Forest Council? Surely not the same council that says on its website (with no apparent trace of irony) :

"Waltham Forest Council has been one of the leading local authorities in London in its commitment to introducing cycling facilities and has won five awards over the past decade. There are now 23 miles of cycle lanes and 20 miles of quite cycle routes on residential roads and through parks."

Now clearly, they have forgotten to mention how many miles of these cycle lanes are littered with contractor's signs or general detritus. 

As an aside, the council has put a notice on the home page detailing an issue with their IT systems which means they weren't receiving emails today. They are asking for those affected to resend the emails now. But the question is, with the councils responsiveness, how would anyone tell the difference? Surely better advice would be that the council really don't care about your communication so it is probably best for all concerned if you just don't bother.

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