Saturday 18 December 2010

Winter Wonderland Update

I have just cycled back from a friends house. Cycling seems still to be fine with the snow, but it appears that some of the drivers think that, after half a day experience in snowy conditions that they are now Ari Vatenan.

Cycling down Hoe Street, taking primary, I was aware of a crappy Nissan thing close behind. Too close, and I started to be a bit concerned that if I fell off, I would be run over. Then, to my surprise, I see his bonnet nudging past my cycle on the wrong side of the road, in the face of oncoming traffic. Which was even more surprising considering I was keeping up with the two cars in front of me and there wasn't a gap for him to overtake into even if he managed to get past me.

Other than that, most people were OK - got overtaken by a taxi on Hoe Street earlier on, which was a bit pointless because we ended up and the lights together, but his overtaking was so far over the other side of the road I thought he was going to hit the opposing kerb.

So drivers, less like Ari Vatenan please. Especially if you are not in a rally prepared Impresa but instead piloting a shite Nissan Cherry. (Although check out Ari's videos on YouTube - rallying is incredible).

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