Monday 20 December 2010

Welcome to Walthamstow Delivery Office...

There are various hand-written notes on the windows to say that cycles are not allowed in the office. Which is completely OK since there are loads of cycle stands to use outside. Oh, my mistake there are absolutely no cycle stands to use outside.

I normally just take the cycle in with me if it isn't busy, and no-one has said anything at all. But today it was busy, so I perched the cycle on the wall in the foreground and lashed it up to the railing. Not ideal since the cycle is balanced on the narrow wall, but better than nothing.

Of course, one might assume that car owners have a similar predicament. Which they might have. If the free parking spaces on the road or adjoining side-streets are busy.

And then, if the beleaguered motorist cannot find a space on the road, there appears to be a couple of spaces right next to the office they can use. And then if these are busy, the motorist is forced to park in the entrance to the sorting office. Which no-one seems to mind at all.


  1. I brought the lack of cycle parking here to the attention of the borough's cycling officer 8 years ago. She said she'd look into it.

  2. Appalling. I often see cyclists go into the delivery office. I sometimes see people having to leave their cycles unlocked whilst they get their parcels.

    Who did you speak to? This is such simple stuff, and I would much prefer to see a cycle stand here (it isn't as if there is no room for a couple) than more miles of idiotic cycle lanes in dooring zones. It really shows the lack of thought to cycling in the area, surely the cost of a couple of Sheffield stands isn't a problem?!

    8 years for a stand! Maybe they are just very thorough in their planning....