Sunday 19 December 2010

Not so nice

The snow is now turning to an icy slush on the roads, and it is a Sunday which means every moron with a driving license, by law, needs to drive in an idiotic manner.

Cue utter moron in the silver Volvo on Hoe Street who honked me and then passed within centimetres. I assume I was supposed to dive into the slushy, icy gutter as soon as you wanted to pass. Ironically I caught up with the genius at the next lights and had a one way discussion with him, involving me waving my arms and him shrugging his shoulders which I took as an apology for his complete ineptitude in controlling a car.

It might be said I am a little angry about his actions. I certainly very rarely confront any motorists - hardly worth it since they don't learn from it, and it can escalate. But the manoeuvre was so idiotic and selfish I lost my temper.

Because the more idiotic motorists out there can now see bits of tarmac they presume that driving in their normal way is completely OK. For instance when I was approaching a junction a car  suddenly started sliding on some ice under the slush as they broke far too hard for the conditions. I was behind the car so it was interesting as opposed to worrying. Of course when the inevitable accidents occur it will be reported as an accident due to "lethal" conditions. Which is a total crock. The "accidents" are mostly caused by motorists deciding that they can simply drive normally without any consideration of the conditions. In the last couple of days I lost count of the number of drivers starting to slide as they pulled away and then flooring the accelerator to make matters even worse. I cannot drive well in snowy conditions. Therefore I do everything not to drive for a few days until the snow has gone, and if I have to drive I try to make sure I don't endanger anyone else with my lack of snow driving skills. If only Mr Volvo driver thought the same way.

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