Wednesday 22 December 2010


Cycling on Hoe Street today around 4:30pm - am Iceland delivery van was being driven pretty aggressively in front of me (revving engine hard, driving quickly). I went past it at the queue for the lights at the High Street, to see that the entire driver's side mirror was missing.

Surely this is illegal?

Thankfully he turned left at the lights, I am not sure I want an aggressive delivery driver with very limited rear vision anywhere near me.

Hardly the best advertising for a food store.


  1. Have you reported it to Iceland.
    I find that phoning and emailing transgressions to the transport managers of firms usually gets a result.

  2. It is certainly illegal.

    Did you get the registration number? I wonder if it was the same driver as this one.

  3. I didn't get the plate - I am utter rubbish at remembering these things. It might be the same one - I think they deliver in a 3 mile radius of the local shop. Unlike tescos et al. it appears you do the shopping at the local shop and then they deliver it afterwards.

    I will call Iceland tomorrow to say they shouldn't really be allowing deliveries with vans without wing mirrors.