Saturday 18 December 2010

A Pedestrian Haven

Waltham Forest Council puts pedestrians first.

We are very lucky to have a council that has created a haven for pedestrians around the high street and square.

So we can go about our shopping and meeting friends without fear of cars trying to weave in and out of us and parking where they like.

Aside from here of course, where presumably the owners of these cars have to park in the pedestrian area instead of using the large underground car park right next door.

Or of course if the driver has important business in the square, and simply has to drive through. Several times.

I have never seen any car parked in this pedestrian area get a ticket.

Also note, the look of pedestrian area has been improved by the plethora of road barriers scattered around the place. Every time I come into this square there seems to be more plastic barriers. It is as if they have learnt how to reproduce.

So there we have it. Waltham Forest Council. Putting pedestrians and cyclists first. Unless it inconveniences motorists.

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