Thursday 9 December 2010

Lawless cyclists tamed!

Everyone knows that lawless pavement cyclists are the biggest threat to pedestrians, possibly even society at large. Even if statistics prove otherwise. 

Anyway, it is heartening to see that motorists in Hackney last Sunday are combating this scourge through their own initiative. The "Big Society" in action.

Here, on Lee Conservancy Road you can see how motorists have selflessly parked their cars completely on the pavement to thwart any pavement cyclist. They risk their wing mirrors from pedestrians trying to squeeze past and yet I bet they get no recognition of their potential sacrifice. 

Either that or people playing football on the pitches next to it cannot be arsed to walk 100m to their car and think that parking on the pavement will mean they won't get a parking ticket from the double yellow line running alongside. And do you know what? They are completely right - not one had a ticket.

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