Saturday 6 November 2010

Keeping Waltham Forest Roads Safe

Whilst cycling around Walthamstow today, I was encouraged to see two vehicles on the streets making sure that Walthamstow's streets are purged of anti-social driving.

At around 3:30pm I saw a Waltham Forest enforcement tow truck going down Hoe Street. I tried to make eye contact with the driver to thank him for his sterling efforts in the war against motorists, but he was too busy chatting into the mobile phone glued to his ear.

Later on around 4:30pm I saw a Waltham Forest Enforcement Smart Car at the Higham Hill Road junction with Forest Road. He was doing great work making sure that other cars didn't encroach on the ASL by driving his car into fully into it whilst the lights were at red.

With dedicated staff battling the war against anti-social and dangerous motoring,  I am sure we will create a road network anyone could feel safe cycling on.


  1. I would urge you to complain about the driver of the enforcement tow truck, giving the time, location and driver's description, even if you didn't get the registration number.

    I complained about the driver of a
    one of our local enforcement tow trucks who pulled out of a side road even though he could see me coming, forcing me to a halt. The response of the contractors was to say that no one had ever complained about this driver before and to brush aside my complaint. However it will have gone on his work record and if your driver was the same one as mine then complaints take on greater credibility.

    I made my complaint to the leader of the council, Cllr Chris Robbins, whose contact details are on the council website.

    Great blog by the way! I'm delighted there are now two other grumpy cyclists in Waltham Forest apart from me. Maybe one day we will all meet up by accident while photographing the rats in the underpass at the Waterworks roundabout.

  2. I will email Chris Robbins tomorrow. I have no evidence of either offence as I don't use a helmet camcorder - so naturally assume that no notice will be taken.

    I am glad you enjoy the blog! It is kind of Waltham Forest and TfL to give us all so much material to work with....

  3. I don't have a helmetcam either. It's worth complaining about lawless behaviour by Council vehicle drivers or by drivers working for firms on behalf of the council. I complained to Cllr Robbins about an Ascham Homes van driver using a mobile phone on Hoe Street, giving details of the time, date, location, registration number and a brief description of the driver (white male). This was passed on to Ascham Homes, who tracked down the driver, who admitted the offence. Ascham Homes then warned all their drivers of the serious nature of the offence and of displinary proceedings against those employees seen driving while using a handheld mobile. This was a good response.