Sunday 28 November 2010

Forest Road Frozen

Awaiting me on my climb up Forest Road near the police station was a festival of ice.

For a moment, I thought that Waltham Forest had just opened up their spectacular seasonal ice-rink. It looked around the same dimensions

Waltham Forest 2009 Ice Extravaganza
(Courtesy of fight the height blog)
Waltham Forest 2010 Festival of Ice.
To be fair, there isn't a lot that anyone can do about water turning to ice in a gutter at around 0 degrees. The source of water wasn't obvious, it looked as if it came from some hardy soul cleaning their car in an adjacent street. If the cycle "infrastructure" is put in the same place as the gutter, it is bound to happen. Of course if infrastructure was more than a narrow line painted by the kerb it might help.

Still, it was a great opportunity to practice cycling in the "primary" position. Made more exciting by the fact that speeding is endemic on Forest Road whilst there are numerous pinch points to provide a healthy competition for space between the cyclist labouring uphill and the speeding cars.

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