Sunday 7 November 2010

Roads are too narrow for cyclists

According to the Evening Standard here,  some believe that roads in London just too narrow to accommodate cyclists. Some of the residents of Narrow Street in Limehouse are objecting to the cycle super-highway using their road. Such is their concern that they are going to court to try to stop it.

This is a section of the road they believe too narrow to squeeze a cyclist through.

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So, it looks like the issue isn't that Narrow Street is too narrow to fit cyclists down it, but that it might be too narrow to fit two lanes of speeding trucks and cars, and a parking lane, and cyclists down it.

It appears that the action may be resulting in TfL looking at the A13 for cyclists. That would be the A13 that looks like this

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One can just imagine novice cyclists and school children happily cycling along this piece of infrastructure.

Ironically, Narrow Street, is where Boris and an entourage of TfL bigwigs narrowly escaped death when a truck passed them at what looked like a reckless speed whilst the rear doors swung open, and caught a parked car. The doors of the truck had been "secured" with a coat hanger. I don't know if the driver was ever prosecuted, and I am fairly certain that none of the residents protesting about the CSH were also protesting about lawless truck drivers endangering lives through utter negligence. The video can be found on the BBC site here.

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