Sunday 7 November 2010

Latest Round of Applause

I would like to thank some people, without whom my cycling journeys in the last couple of days would have been rendered uneventful - possibly even pleasant.

Firstly, a huge thankyou to the Blue Ford Focus driver yesterday on Hoe Street. Despite me "taking the lane" due to a traffic jam only around 20 metres further along the road and the narrowness of the road you still decided to try to overtake. A very special decision considering that a bus was coming the other way at the time. I was disappointed though to see the lack of perseverance in the face of a double decker and that you eventually stopped head-to-head. I was expecting at least an effort to run me into the railings at the time. I am most impressed by the lack of concentration  - many drivers claim not to have seen cyclists, but to not see a double decker bus travelling towards you takes it to a whole new level. Take a bow.

Next, please put your hands together for the Advance Cars Silver MPV on Hoe Street yesterday that, whilst sitting in traffic, decided to swing violently into the cycle lane for absolutely no reason. I have to say that you could have improved your timing. I was only level with your back wheels so could brake very hard and go around you - had you left it another second or so you could have really got me. No idea if it was intentional or not - for some reason you didn't make eye-contact with the irate cyclist as I went past.

Lastly, I think a special mention is required for the old blue car (Toyota I think) that displayed an innovative interpretation of the highway code by reversing the wrong way up Ruby Road (a one way street) to find a parking space, instead of going around the little "one way system".  It was genius, spoiled only by the fact that a pesky cyclist was in the way (I swerved quickly to allow the manoeuvre to be completed), and for the pedestrians crossing the road who didn't expect a car reversing quickly in the wrong direction. Although completely illegal, it did manage to save you 30 seconds to travel down the next road and back up Ruby Road. So congratulations.

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