Sunday 7 November 2010

The Olympic Threat

London 2012 is aiming for 100% of spectators to get to the Games by public transport, or by walking or cycling.

Which is nice. Presumably this doesn't include the spectators who have "VIP" status and thus can be whisked from their plush west-end hotels to the venue via the VIP lanes. One can sympathise with the VIPs though. They couldn't possibly stay in the East London boroughs hosting the games. Regeneration is all well and good, but it only goes so far.

Anyway, those of us constituting the  great unwashed are being encouraged to walk, cycle etc. to the games. Except now the police have decided the towpath running next to the venue could be used for a bomb attack, so intend closing three miles of it. I am not sure what alternatives may be considered for the hoards of walkers and cyclists - maybe the world-class cycling provision around Eastway could help? Except, silly me, this route may be used by the VIPs to get to their private car parks - like the one proposed on a popular playing fields in Leyton.

Interestingly, the tow path has, according to the Evening Standard report, "received a multi-million pound upgrade for the Games". Either there is another tow path next to the River Lee and the Olympic stadium, or the Standard has got this wrong, or the Olympic Authority hired some very dodgy contractors to do the work, because this is what the tow path looked like about two weeks ago.

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