Wednesday 10 November 2010

Dangerous Driving

From time to time, I post my special appreciation for motorists who manage to make my cycling that little bit more interesting. The posts are normally sarcastic, and normally the behaviour of the motorist is annoying or inconveniencing or simply rude. But this case was much, much worse.

Today, on the A11 into Stratford, I had a McGinleys construction flatbed truck squeeze me and another cyclist as he tried to get between us and the line of traffic to the right. He brushed my elbow before having to slow down to walking pace as his path was blocked anyway. It is the first time I have had a car hit my arm, but as we moved slowly with him pushing me to the gutter, I shouted and he refused to look to me. He knew I was there, he just decided to push past me regardless.

It was an occasion that I felt in real danger. And the stupid idiot didn't even get much further along the road before it opened up and he could have overtaken completely safely.

I have phoned McGinleys and spoke with a nice woman who took down the details to pass to the area manager.

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