Sunday 16 January 2011

The war on the motorist clearly hasn't ended, despite what the politicians might say. Take this example - the driver of this Clockwork Courier van has had little option but to block the dropped pedestrian crossing whilst shopping at the hardware store.

This motorist - through no fault of their own - is running the risk of a ticket. If there were any traffic wardens around. And if anyone cared.

In an ideal world, motorists wouldn't have to block crossing access because they would have a 100+ space car park right outside the shop. Clearly it is the council that is at fault for allowing such a shop to be built without any consideration to the motorist. If only this motorist had such a car park within close proximity, then maybe the pedestrian ramp could be kept clear for wheelchairs and prams.



  1. The Coggeshall Community Bus does similar outside Kelvedon Station several times a day. The driver (of which there are more than one adopting the same tactics) parks the bus on the dropped pavement, parked on double yellow lines and a yellow cross-hatched area. To get my cycle on the road I have to walk around the front blind into potential oncoming traffic through the station. A wheelchair or pram user would have much greater difficulty. This spot is right next to a largely empty car park but that would require the bus passengers to walk a further 10 yards which is obviously too much after a hard day working in London. I sent a photograph to British Transport Police who promised to follow up but last time I was there this dangerously anti-social parking was still taking place.

  2. Perhaps we should start talking in terms of the "war on the cyclist"?