Sunday 16 January 2011

New wonder of the world

I now understand how John Speke felt when he discovered Lake Victoria.

Who would know that such a magnificent body of water would have lain hidden and untouched in N London?

The cycle underpass that forms part of the off road "facility" for cyclists to bypass Meridian Way was the location of my discovery. It may be strange to think that such a geographic feature may lay undisturbed in such a populous region, but it all makes sense when I realise that I am the only person stupid enough to actually use this route on a cycle. The water feature is completely obscured to the vast majority of the sensible population using their cars.

It was significantly deeper than I expected when I rode through.

Since I was the first to encounter it, I wish to name it Lake Grumpy - home of the discarded plastic bag and slight smell of excrement.

Coming back, I used Meridian Way. Which is almost as deeply unpleasant as wading through this lake of gunk, as the 40mph speed limit is widely disregarded. Well, enforcing the law would be a war on the motorist wouldn't it?


  1. @Freewheeler

    If it isn't it should be.

    Although I see that Lake Crap in Waltham Forest has a rest area consisting of a discarded sofa, so that the weary can rest their legs. Lake Grumpy in Haringey has no such facilities. Presumably that is why Waltham Forest has won cycling awards.

  2. I don't know what you're complaining about. Look at what these poor Essex people had to endure yesterday:

    "MOTORISTS criticised conditions on the A12 when the road flooded.

    Traffic came to a standstill between the southbound Kelvedon and Witham junction with more problems by Colchester during the morning rush.

    Drivers reported that the water posed even more problems than the recent snow and were unhappy that an area of the A12 which has been recently resurfaced can't even drain water.

    An Essex commuter said: "The A12 was bad once you got past Marks Tey. It was slow to Kelvedon and then there was a large puddle right across the road after that.""