Monday 10 January 2011

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

Well, the courteous driving lasted until today. 

Traffic was abysmal, and I suspect rat-running was happening because the A12 looked absolutely stuffed.

A BMW Z3 in off-brown beeped me, shouted at me and tried to run me off the road whilst I was cycling up the A10 Stamford Hill towards the Clapton Common junction. Here, the road is two lanes, and the outer lane was moving at around 20mph. Clearly he wanted to squeeze between me and the right hand traffic and I was impeding him by taking primary (to stop idiots doing this). He then stopped at the junction and caused a traffic jam whilst he tried to barge back into the straight ahead lane. Utter anti-social arsehole. 

Then a woman nearly killed me (and I don't say this lightly) at the Grange park road junction where I had right of way, but she was travelling so fast (and clearly not looking - I was fully lit up and wearing high viz and reflectives) that she slid to a halt just metres from me. I had started to jink right to avoid her, but if I had happened upon another moron overtaking me on the bend I would have had nowhere to go. I was, again, in primary.

These moronic drivers, who in reality need reigning since their driving falls so far below what should be expected, are the reason why I would never transport my child around London's streets on a cycle. If these instances had happened when I first started cycling, I would have given up and would be driving around these routes instead of cycling.

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