Saturday 8 January 2011

Cycle lights at Hoe Street / Selborne Road

Miracles can happen.

The cycle lights, blogged multiple times on this blog and on crap waltham forest and, I believe, subject of a complaint by the local LCC to Tfl,  have been de-hooded, and appear to be working.

These were off for considerably more than a year. Presumably the "conflict" with the traffic phase has been resolved. I suppose these things cannot be rushed....

I was so excited I was going to take a picture, but didn't have my camera / phone.

I did notice that the sign for cyclists to dismount was still in the middle of the cycle bypass actually attached to the cycle traffic light. So it still is unique in being a cycle facility where, presumably, one should get off and push.

I don't know why this flurry of activity happened at the lights at this time, but I suspect someone, somewhere was making themselves a "nuisance" for long enough for something to be done.


To prove they are actually working, here is a photo. You can see in the background the cycle light. And they actually work since I used them!

The change seems to be that a "no-right turn" sign has been added to this cycle junction - meaning that cyclists shouldn't turn into Hoe Street northbound. I think this has been added since the cycle lights are green at the same time as the pedestrian crossing to the right, and so there was a perceived conflict. Clearly implementing something akin to the hierarchy of provision and giving cyclists and pedestrians their own crossing times at the expense of the motor traffic wasn't an option. 

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