Saturday 8 January 2011

Looks can be...

... deceiving.

Leytonstone High Road. Behind me a Range Rover Sport. Black, with heavily tinted windows. And private plate.

Normally the type of car that would make me uneasy whilst cycling.

Instead, the driver waited way behind me all the way until the road widened out and passed me with more room than an HGV normally gives.

So, to the driver of the Range Rover registration plate "LIKKA" (yes, I kid you not!), thank you for your considerate driving. It was refreshing to have this level of care taken on a road that is difficult for cyclists because of the long lines of parked cars, narrow carriageway and impatient driving.


  1. I've seen that same vehicle and am pretty sure I noticed the number plate for similar reasons. Like the idea of giving credit where credit is due.

  2. I hope praising this sort of driving doesn't come across as patronising. But it really was very considerate. It is a memorable number-plate!

    Of course by holding back and slowing down, the driver didn't lose any time as the major hold ups on this road are the lights.

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