Monday 17 January 2011

Adam Rayner - again

In an effort to find out more about the cyclists' nemesis, Adam Rayner, I found the following on YouTube

This time about parking tickets and appeals.

At one point he says that " Motorists are subjected to a totalitarian society". I am sure we can all find the similarities between, for example, Chairman Mao's China or Stalin's USSR and the current plight of motorists and parking tickets.

On another interview on parking tickets he says it is "such an unpleasant thing to get a ticket". Well, Mr Rayner, I have had my fair share of parking tickets and can say they pale into insignificance to the unpleasantness of having one's well-being threatened by inattentive or bullying motorists. Or the unpleasantness felt when one knows that they can pretty much get away with anything up to killing a cyclist if they claim they simply "didn't see them".

Of course, if Mr Rayner finds tickets so unpleasant, maybe he could use alternative transport modes instead - I have never had a parking ticket with my bicycle for instance.

Or maybe parking tickets are simply a bit annoying as opposed to proof of a totalitarian state, and that Mr Rayner's hyperbole machine is going full tilt.


  1. He says:- I do think it is absolutely worth appealing, especially if you think your ticket has been applied unjustly.

    That is the whole point of doubling the fine to deter pointless appeals. Sums him up

    Also I suspect he was being sponsored to get the word "spanked" onto breakfast TV. I counted two.

  2. BTW, Freewheeler had a piece on Adam Rayner a while back. He's seemingly the type of "motoring journalist" who works for such august titles as "Max Power" and "Fast Car".

    I'm not sure the BBC of a couple of decades ago would have looked to as an expert.

  3. @ David Hembrow.
    I assume he is the one in the middle of the picture?

    Freewheeler hasn't taken to him, judging by the tone of his post.

  4. @ Jonno.

    He did another interview, again on YouTube, where he actually said he would appeal even without grounds to do so. Again BBC breakfast news didn't pick this up.

  5. He looks like he should be more afraid of a heart attack than a parking ticket. He should definitely take up cycling.

  6. Am I right in thinking Adam Rayner wants to become an MP? Bashing bikes and promoting cars is a great way to get noticed and build your persona en route to becoming an MP in certain constituencies.

  7. I have said my peice on Rayner a few times. I'm now wondering if Ofcom could get involved if he rants off again?

  8. If you at his linkedin resume, he clearly considers himself a paid reporter for the BBC

    if that's the case, that he's being paid to appear, then yes, you may have something to say to the bbc of ofcom