Sunday 9 January 2011

Signs and Drivers

It has been widely reported that the car - sorry transport - minister is looking to simplify signs for motorists.

Apparently the signs are confusing and often misunderstood. Judging by the number of motorists that speed, the speed restriction signs are the most confusing and misunderstood signs of all....

There are clearly some signs which need to be clarified. I dislike the various "vehicles not permitted" signs, and think it would be much simpler to have this replaced with no-entry signs and any exemptions underneath ("except buses/ cycles / loading Mon-Fri 8am-11am" - that sort of thing).

But then some motorists are just stupid. Take today. I was at the blackhorse road junction which has a set of useful cycle lights when going towards Walthamstow. They allow cyclists 20 seconds or so to get across a junction which is large and uphill. I use it to get past the junction before the 2 lanes of cars set off and start jostling as the road shrinks to a single lane again. Today, the cycle light went green and the left turn car next to me went as well, left hooking me whilst I shouted at the driver (to no avail, they were clearly not aware at all). The cycle light is directed towards the separated cycle path, and the lights illuminate a little amber or green cycle. There are three main lights for cars. If someone cannot work out what these are for, they must be so inattentive, that I would have thought that remembering to breath might be somewhat a challenge.

So maybe it isn't the signs that are the problem...

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