Wednesday 31 August 2011

Another day, another SMIDY

Well, I say SMIDSY. I doubt he could have missed me, I was wearing a fetching high viz jacket and waving my arms around like a demented seagull just before he decided to turn (I had a distinct feeling he was going to pull this stunt). So less SMIDSY, more "I've seen you are don't give a f*ck".

Presumably he is of the "well I didn't hit you did I" brigade. The reason he didn't hit me is that I saw him, took note of his actions, and slowed as it was obvious he was an idiot.


  1. Could have turned with him and wing-mirror taxed him " I had to take evasive action". Arrange it right and come off the bike, you start complaining about your arm and they'll drive off at speed

  2. I salute your prescience. My guess is he didn't see you, or not until too late. Because he was waiting behind the silver car that turned right, his vision was very restricted until the silver car cleared. You were already pretty much at the junction before you were in his field of vision, and he had less than a second to see you, make the go/no-go decision and move off. Most motorists will look down the centre of the road looking for cars, and won't see a cyclist on the left.
    Stay lucky!

  3. This is similar to an accident I had. The second car simply follows the first without making their own decision, and if the first car's decision is borderline, the second can flatten you. Unfortunately I wasn't as aware as you and got knocked over. No permanent harm done though.
    Compliments on the blog.