Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Professionals

Not these.

But the drivers of these

Most of my interactions with buses as a cyclist are really good. Buses stop and start and use the same bus lanes as us cyclists so overtaking, and being overtaken, by buses when cycling in London is a simple fact of life. The following videos are the exception rather than the rule, but buses are so big that when the driver does close pass a cyclists it is deeply unsettling.

The first was taken a few weeks ago, where the bus decided to squeeze through instead of waiting until after the island. The irony is that the traffic is normally queued for the junction ahead, and that day was no exception. The driver held up their hand when I shouted at him, so I assume this was an apology of sorts.

Then, as if to prove that lightening can strike twice, a different driver does exactly the same thing on another day.

Finally, some of the worst bus driving that I have had to endure for a while. This happened this week, and concerned me as I had nowhere to go if the bus had been any closer to me

I am undecided whether he simply didn't bother checking his mirrors as he passed, or whether this was a punishment pass for daring not to use the narrow and blocked cycle-path carved out on the pavement. This path is dangerous where it crosses the entrance and exit to the retail park, has been blocked with works and conflicts directly with pedestrians coming out of the park and waiting for the buses, so at 5pm when commuters and shopper abound it is better to use the road and bus lane, and most drivers have no issue with moving around a cyclist - certainly the next lane was free when the bus overtook. Whatever the reason, I felt it merited a note to TfL with a link to the video.

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