Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Mercedes Sandwich

Everyone knows Mercedes drivers are very important people. I used to drive a Mercedes and knew that I was very important (now I cycle I understand I am no longer important).

So one can appreciate why the very important person in this white Mercedes decided to come over to my side of the road and barge right through me simply to park. And why the Mercedes behind me picked that exact time to overtake me instead of reading the situation and giving me some space.

This was one of those moments where one only realises the idiocy of the driver after the event. I did manage to shout "You tw@t" at him as he barged through, but he had a mildly confused look on his face that closely resembled a slightly alarmed sheep.

How people can be this moronic and still function in society is somewhat beyond me. If I could make out his number plate (and believe me I have tried) I would be reporting him to RoadSafe for this. I wouldn't leave this idiot in charge of a plastic spoon less still allow him a driving license.


  1. One tactic here would have been to go forward, halt and block the parking mercedes from moving forwards, effectively forcing either them to stop or a collision. They'd have been pissed off, you would have won. Or, if they'd decided to hit you, the scene you have on video is "they chose to swerve over the road without stopping and run into the bicycle that was already stationary"

  2. I could have done this, but it didn't look like he was stopping. I did brake considerably as they approached. It all happened so quickly that I didn't really have a chance to evaluate the situation. I really wish I could make out the number plate as if this isn't something RoadSafe could use, I don't know what is.