Thursday 1 September 2011


Not huge amounts to say about this, frankly. Either the driver was so pre-occupied with something other than driving that they missed the lights completely, or they simply don't care at all.

The lights were red when they pulled out from the side-road (you just see a white van turning right after they have gone red). When the BMW turned right through the red you may be able to just see a cyclist turning right (on a green light) out of the side-street, and nearly getting hit - the cyclist stopped just in time. Bloody cyclists eh! Come out of nowhere...


  1. Tsktsk pesky cyclists always running reds eh?!

  2. Hello Grumpy, as a Waltham Forest cycling blogger I think you may be interested in this. (I'd send it to Freewheeler too, but of course there's no way of doing that.)

    Back in June, I submitted a complaint to LBWF about a CCTV car parked in a bike lane on Leytonstone High Road (

    I got a response back from someone saying that actually, those bike lanes on the High Road aren't mandatory, so the car could legally be parked there. This confused me greatly, what with the solid white lines on the bike lane, so I asked for further details. This was the response:

    "...The cycle lane is advisory as a Traffic Management Order detailing a restriction cannot be found. ... To my knowledge... we have never had any mandatory cycle lanes in the borough.

    "I can only assume that when the marking was laid back in the 90's it was done so in the formal format maybe with the intention of making it mandatory."

    So there you go, a fascinating little glimpse into cycling in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Don't take road markings for granted!

    I'd love you to share this with your readers.



  3. Hex,

    Wow. Is that car in the contraflow cycle lane?

    If the CCTV car can legally park there, surely so can everyone else?!

    Waltham Forest presumably are protecting us with CCTV by making cyclists swerve into head-on traffic? Genius.

    If OK, I will post this at some stage this week with the picture.

  4. Yikes! I think this would be solved by driving on the right side of the road? :)

  5. Hex said...
    Re: Don't take road markings for granted!

    Does that mean that road markings mean whatever the local authority wants them to mean?

    "When I use a word, it means what I want it to mean; neither more, nor less" - Humpty Dumpty to Alice in Wonderland

    'Know your Traffic Signs' now archived because nobody gives a sh!t any more.

  6. Humpty Dumpty indeed.

    By the way, I should have noted in my earlier comment that the council staffer I spoke to did in fact find the CCTV car driver in question and tell them not to park in bike lanes again, so that was a good result. The thing about the non-mandatory lane was a surprise, though.

  7. Hex - I felt I was somewhat harsh on Waltham Forest in my post on your parked CCTV car. It is still amazing the lane is effectively un-enforcable, presumably because no-one bothered to get the TMO. But as you say, a reasonable result in that at least the council won't be blocking it in future.

    I have removed my post.

  8. Grumpy
    Am a lurker who follows your blog via RSS. Twice recently leads have been posted on RSS but when directed to the blog it tells me there's nothing there. Is this to frustrate us lurkers?

  9. Daytime,

    It is to increase my number of hits without putting in the effort of writing a post...

    No, seriously, I accidentally published a couple of draft posts which I then reverted back to draft. The new blogger interface coupled with my general incompetence is an unholy alliance..

    Apologies. I promise I will post something soon without taking it down again!

  10. can a cctv car park in front of someones dropped curb if theres a solid white line