Saturday 28 May 2011

Traffic Madness

This is what greeted the drivers from Clapton Pond down to Homerton / Eastway yesterday.

There had been an accident on Homerton road, but this road is often tailed back with very heavy traffic.

It is all a bit insane. The road authorities are still trying to squeeze as much traffic into our ancient roads as possible thus making alternatives much less palatable, whilst failing dismally to even make the motorists' journeys less time-consuming despite the fact that priority is given to them on nearly all our road network.

Who really would want to be stuck in this traffic in a bus? I saw some fellow cyclists, but many wouldn't be comfortable cycling in these heavily congested streets. It is hardly relaxing.

The video is quite long (a bit less than 10 minutes), but this was the extent of the queues last night.

1 comment:

  1. -at least on the bus you can use facebook and the like on your phone. It can be productive time. In a car, the driver can't be productive except (legally) on a bluetooth headset.

    If you look at the no. of people who do phone or text while driving, it's their way of reducing the cost of delays.