Saturday 28 May 2011

Definition of a femtosecond

I have just looked up femtosecond on wikipedia.

Imagine my surprise when the article whittered on about atomic vibrations and light wavelengths instead of giving the true definition.

Which is the time taken between the lights turning to amber and this motorist beeping me.

It was a young chap driving - I got a stare as he passed and gunned it up Leyton High Road. The strange noise on the audio is me laughing - there was something a bit comical about his entire attitude.

I don't know why he was in such a rush. Maybe his Mum wanted her Polo back - maybe his tea was on the table. It is interesting to note that he feels completely at liberty to "intimidate" a more vulnerable road user. If I was driving behind him (and I drive a pretty big car) would it be acceptable to harass him in his little car?

I had no interaction with this driver before he pulled up behind me at the lights - so the beeping and revving past me was just for show presumably. In a little VW Polo this is slightly less effective than he might hope.


  1. The polo overtook you as now that BMW have made minis fast, there's nothing else they can overtake. Don't take it personally.

  2. Don't get mad, get even: