Monday 23 May 2011

Lawless roads

Once again, Newham shows how little regard one can have for the law when one drives. The cyclist debate always degenerates into how many cyclists jump red lights and ride on the pavement (as if that excuses putting other cyclists' live in danger). Little is made of the disregard some drivers have for their rules. Even the transport minister appears to be under the strange impression that there is some kind of war being waged upon motorists.

The first video shows the 24 hr bus lane near Stratford one way system. The BMW driver clearly decides that he is above such regulations as keeping out of bus lanes and uses it to undertake the cars at speed. What the poor quality (sorry!) video doesn't show so well is him close passing a cyclist in the bus lane at this speed. The bus lane had been open to all vehicles whilst the outside lane was being "regenerated" but now the "improvements" appear to have been completed the lanes have reverted back to normal use.

Spot the door opening passenger at the end of the film...


The next video is taken whilst cycling on the A11 towards Stratford. Sparse traffic allowed this genius on a motorbike to really gun it down the road. I estimate he was traveling at least 50mph in the 30mph limit.

This is what happens when one has a completely car-centric road layout that doesn't enforce any rules. If one has to keep the A11 as an urban motorway at least enforce the 30mph limit with ANPR and average speed cameras. The A11 is a classic example of the blight that these types of multi-lane urban free-for-alls have on the environment. They cause a rift between shopping areas and local transport links, and between everything on one side of the road and the other.

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  1. Surprised the nearly doored bicycle in video 1 didn't do either of
    -a roadie style nose blow into the car "sorry! didn't expect a car there"
    -getting past the car, taking the entire middle lane, and dropping down to four miles an hour