Saturday 28 May 2011

Halfords - again

In a previous post, I spoke about Halfords - specifically about the lack of service in the Tottenham Hale branch, and the general politeness in the Chingford branch. And that the Chingford branch didn't appear to have any cycle parking - which was somewhat dissapointing.

Well, I decided to take the plunge and put on a cycle seat for the child. After much fiddling around with a "loan seat" from a friend to see if my cycle could accomodate a seat, I decided to simply go to a shop and buy one, and knew Halfords stocked them.

I went to Halfords in Tottenham Hale first, and hung around for a while waiting to be served. This didn't seem to be very forthcoming and after my last efforts to buy something in this store, I decided to cut my losses. I went instead to the Chingford branch.

Wow - what a difference!

I was served promptly by a chap who knew what he was doing and was incredibly polite and patient. He tried the demo child seat on my cycle to make sure it fitted before selling it to me. He then spent a considerable amount of time fitting it correctly and making sure I was happy with it. When I suggested about adding a kick-stand, he fitted this for free. All the while his other staff were serving other people, also incredibly politely. 

So there we are. Chingford Halfords just off Hall Lane and the North Circular. Excellent.

Now if they could just add a few cycle stands and move the bike section (the busiest section of the shop when I visited) to the ground floor!

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