Thursday 28 April 2011

Stratford's cycle excellence

In my previous posts I have been less than complimentary about Newham and its cycling policies. The video below shows one reason why I am so contemptuous of the borough's cycling record.

This cycle lane isn't just useless. It is dangerous. Whatever way I tackle this I have problems. If I try to use the lane I get to the end and have to negotiate my way into fast moving and unsympathetic traffic. When I take primary, which is probably the way I would be advised to tackle it, I usually get close passed by traffic and more than once frantic pointing by the driver towards the little cycle lane.

Clearly whoever implements this crap hasn't the first idea about the challenges of cycling. And it is utterly needless - the pavement has just been restructured to swallow up the cycle lane when the revamp could have actually improved matters for cyclists.

I note there are two types of cyclists around the one way system. The ones, like me, who decide to try to employ vehicular cycling on deeply unpleasant roads only designed for the car  - and where speeding is endemic, or the cyclists who decide to ride on the pavement weaving in and out of pedestrians (and presumably annoying them somewhat). I am frankly unsure which makes most sense. Clearly Newham think the option that makes most sense is to ditch the bike and use the car, thus adding to the congestion and pollution in the area.

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