Friday 15 April 2011

New cycle infrastructure for olympics

I may have been harsh when talking about the disjointed - indeed non-existent - cycle infrastructure which will apparently whisk thousands to the games on their cycles.

One such facility was the excellent greenway which stops at one end in a mess of industrial estate roads and the other at the A11 where there is no crossing.

I spoke too soon. The Wick Lane end of the Greenway has been revamped and re-surfaced and up has sprung the new cycle infrastructure to aid cyclists on their way to the "green" olympics.

So there it is! What do you mean where? Right there. The little ASL. Underneath the stationary car. 


  1. Good article on cycle infra structure for Olympic competition. I like to read more on it.
    dean graziosi

  2. You forgot to mention the super-wide feeder cycle lane, that will you allow you easy access to the ASL, as demonstrated in your photo.

  3. Aseasyasridingabike,

    How could I miss that feeder lane?! (Quite easily, actually).

    I particularly like that the car is managing to block both the ASL and feeder lane. Which is sensible of the driver since you don't want cyclists riding up the feeder lane just to realise that they cannot get into the ASL.