Friday 25 March 2011

No room at the inpatients

Some of the more uncharitable E17 cycling blogs think that the local council spout ecofluff about cycling whilst - at best - doing nothing to help cycling in reality. Like this blog here from freewheeler on the cycle stand provision at St James street medical centre. Which is, frankly, just unfair. Local government and NHS trusts would love to encourage cycling to their sites, if only there was the room to accommodate them. After all, cyclists need to be realistic.

Take, for example, this re-designed area outside Whipps Cross 24hr walk-in centre.

If only there was any room to put cycle provision outside the walk-in centre of one of East London's biggest hospitals, then don't you think the powers-that-be would do so?

As it is, one can just see in the picture above, a typical lawless cyclist deciding to take the law into their own hands and use the railings to secure their cycle. This type of anti-social behaviour is exactly the reason why cyclists should pay road-tax and insurance. And wear silly high viz and helmets. And keep out of the way of motorists.

Those of a cynical disposition should take heed that Whipps Cross website actually discourages travelling by car, saying 

"Patients are encouraged not to come by car as there is limited parking on site".

It then continues to detail the 4 car parks on site which can be used by motorists.

Strangely it doesn't detail the cycle parking available at the hospital, instead saying

"We encourage visitors and staff living nearby to cycle to the hospital if possible".

Clearly this encouragement doesn't extend to some sheffield stands near major departments. Presumably encouragement can only go so far.


  1. Love the tone of the post.

    Be careful though. Make sure you are not accused of being anti-motorist. I had to go to great extremes to refute this cruel slur when it happened to me.

  2. What you don't seem to understand is if people cycled, they'd have fewer heart attacks and the incidence of a whole host of maladies from diabetes to arthritis would go down...then the hospital would have a lot less to do and the doctors and nurses would be cluttering up the dole queues.

  3. Crossrider - I hadn't thought of the possibility that the health community were actively trying to recruit "customers" to sustain work. This makes a certain amount of sense. Maybe if we investigated further we would find doctors owning burger bars and consultants silent partners in tobacconists.

    Your comment made me chuckle lots!

  4. MiddleAgeCyclist. I hope that the tone was suitably reverential and didn't slip into sarcasm..

    Like your blog by the way.

  5. Ohh jee. Shucks and thanks a bunch. Yours too is very enjoyable.

  6. If you follow the cycle route from Forest View, along the 'shared use' path that emerges by the main entrance, you will discover that the hospital administration has now put in an entire new section of railings. This cleverly prevents cyclists from accessing the road and requires them to dismount and walk to a nearby bus stop, before being able to get on to the road.
    When I cycle through the grounds obeying the hospital's 10 mph speed limit I'm always impressed by the number of drivers who just HAVE to overtake.