Saturday 26 March 2011

Journalist puts cyclists in their place

Another journalist has decided that cyclists are in need of a good dressing down and being put in their place.

This time Celia Waldon has chosen to take up the baton of cyclist bashing, last wielded by some TV cook whose name no longer springs to mind.

Apparently, she is being driven crazy by fair weather cyclists - in fact all London cyclists - who are "a preening, upper middle class bunch". As opposed to a preening, upper middle-class journalist presumably. In actual fact I am somewhat flattered by being labelled as preening upper middle-class. Not terms associated with residents of E17 too often...

The article finished on the note that there will be many more "boy cycle racers" on the streets as the olympics:

so confident on the roads that they will all be plugged into their iPods, calmly humming "lalalalala" along to Sasha Distel as that articulated lorry indicates left.

Celia Waldon may not have known that 6 cyclists have died in HGV incidents so far in 2011 when she wrote her bon-mots, but seeing someone has since put this fact on her wiki page, she may now.

I should imagine her Pulitzer is in the post.

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  1. Is that the fat, chubby faced TV cook..? Not even good enough to be a chef thesedays.