Saturday 26 March 2011

Cycling is popular!

Clearly, despite the best efforts of various vapid journalists and TV non-entities, cycling seems to be entering the mainstream a little more. Witness more adverts that have a bicycle strategically positioned somewhere in shot. Even car adverts are doing this

And the other night, going past the Porsche garage in Stratford, I realised that even the luxury car market were trying to use bicycles to promote their products

Whether they put a bicycle on the roof to illustrate the practicalities of this new 4 door porsche or whether they were indicating where a cyclist would land up if they got in the way of a porsche driver using the car to its full capability, is unclear.

Isn't it strange? Clearly cycling seems "cool" enough to be used by advertisers (who are  very picky on what they use to promote products), yet it appears to be open season on the people who actually carry out the activity.

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  1. -Presumably Porsche were showing how much easier it is to get a bicycle on top of a sports car than on a 4x4, though of course a rear-mounted rack would deliver better aerodynamics above 120 mph.

    Interesting they chose a city bike: most 4x4s use mountain bikes and climbing gear to sell their sport, missing the point that most mountain bikers spend more on bicycles than they do on their old vauxhall corsas, while climbers live out of camper vans.