Monday 18 July 2011

Long Arm of The Law

Clearly, at the moment, the MET police have lots of things to worry about. So the case where a cyclist was assaulted by a driver probably doesn't feature highly in the top brass' list of problems to solve.

The case has been widely reported thanks in no small part to the publication of the video on YouTube being picked up by numerous blogs and local media. For those who haven't yet seen the incident that happened in Bexley between a car driver and a cyclist, here is the video below

This incident was recorded by a camera and the bus CCTV, in front of multiple witnesses including the bus driver, passers-by and the other cyclists. The number-plate was clearly visible in the video and recorded by other witnesses. 

Somewhat open and shut case one may think. Except that when the police went to the registered owner of the vehicle, they explained that the car had been stolen that afternoon - with the keys in the ignition - by persons unknown, only to be returned some hours later completely untouched. As excuses go this rates slightly lower than "they made me do it" or "the dog ate it" - in fact one would expect the police to view such a story with the same incredulity as "it must have been aliens".

Except that the police seemed to shrug their shoulders and conclude they had been beaten by a criminal mastermind. This was hardly the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes. Or even Inspector Clouseau. Eventually when the video "went viral" and the mainstream media picked up the story, the man in the video turned himself him. Presumably at this time, with multiple witnesses, video, and a man who had voluntarily come to the police, they could finally arrest and charge someone.

I cannot help but think that, without the video, this assault - even with multiple witnesses - would never have been resolved at all. Which is somewhat saddening. If thugs like this think they can get away with hitting someone in broad daylight then they will do so.

This story has a good end to a bad situation. It will be interesting to see what the driver is charged with and the result. If the owner's story is to be believed then the driver should be charged with "taking without owners consent" and driving without insurance etc. on top of any assault charges. 


  1. Didn't know the owner claimed the car was stolen for the duration of the alleged assault and then returned after. Unbeleivable if the police actually allowed that to stand. Mind you, come to think of it, it doesn't really surprise me that much at all. Very sad.

    Hope he gets some righteous sentencing.

  2. MiddleAgeCyclist:

    Original article details the fiendish excuse to throw the detectives off the scent...

    I wonder what sentencing he will get. I am not au-fait with the law, but one wonders if he is just convicted of assault whether he will manage to retain his driving license. I would say it should be revoked until such a time as he can prove he is not a liability behind the wheel.

  3. It's as if the perpetrator had been advised to hand himself in, because the Police could no longer find excuses for not arresting him and that were he to be arrested, it would be worse for him.

    Or am I just being cynical?

  4. Much as I deplore the driver's behaviour I think you should give the guy a break. All indications are that the Metropolitan News Corp information service oops! Police were planning to do sweet fanny adams about this incident despite so much hard evidence so he might reasonably have expected to evade detection. He probably feels a complete prat now his physog has been splashed across web and TV and his "girlish" sparring skills have been shown up so.

    The Metplod however deserve no such indulgences - their behaviour in this matter has been nothing short of corruptly incompetent, although we can hardly expect a force which has remained rotten to the core since before Sir Robert Mark tried to reform it to show much integrity now.

    I'll bet if the NOTW had asked for the driver's mobile number, Metplod would have managed to sell it to them.