Monday 27 September 2010

Railings crash into car

Junction of Forest Road and Wood Street today. It looked as if the car had gone into the railings - then presumably dumped across the cycle path and pavement so as not to inconvenience cars.

Either this, or it came into conflict with a right turning car from Forest Road, but there was no second car at the scene.

There have been numerous accidents on this road where cars have crashed into immovable street furniture. One might remember the lampost outside Ruby Road which has been hit several times. 

Each accident, if reported in the press at all, is reported as the driver "losing control" of the car. Which always makes me laugh. It sounds as if the car driver is wrestling with the car in the same manner that a cowboy wrestles with a bull in a rodeo, or a pilot wrestles with a shot-up fighter jet to bring it into land. It somehow sounds as if the driver was valiantly fighting the odds.

When in fact, the drivers were almost certainly travelling way above the speed limit in reckless disregard of anyone's safety. I am not saying this happened in this case, but I have seen first hand accidents that have been caused by idiotic speeds some drivers do on this road.

It should be stopped. But it won't be. Because, unless police patrol the road every day and night, then the only way to slow the traffic is to narrow the road and make it slower, perhaps by adding in decent cycle paths and junctions that prioritise walkers and cyclists instead of speeding cars. And that will never happen.

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