Thursday 19 August 2010

Olympic Cycling part deux

I notice in the drop-out leaflet Hubbab, delivered with the LCC magazine to those lucky enough to live in NE London, that Waltham Forest have been given a grant of £250k to be spent on "cycling measures".

Those involved in this leaflet express concern as to whether the money will be well spent. If the council treat the money in the same way as the multi-million pound "Better Neighbourhood Fund" it will be a miracle if they don't just lose it.

Why would the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign have doubts over the money being spent wisely? Well it appears they have been privy to some initial plans which have failed to impress. Apparently, some of these plans involved  increasing provision for car parking.

Of course, they may well decide the best way to spend some of the money is on a consultant for their communications department. That would be £66k well spent - or is it £6.6k, the council appears confused?

Giving money to Waltham Forest Council and hoping it is spent wisely seems a bit like giving Imelda Marcos a suitcase of cash in a shoe-shop and hoping she doesn't want any more footwear.

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