Saturday 25 June 2011

Olympics - start as you mean to continue?

The "greenest ever" Olympics is starting to shape up. Here we have the Greenway diversion near Stratford. For reasons only known to the authoritis doing the work, this part of the road has had concrete barriers scattered liberally around it to form a very narrow pedestrian pathway. The obligatory "cyclist dismount" signs are, of course added to the mix. In fact twice, one in blue and one in red in this picture. The pathway is so narrow that actually wheeling the cycle may be more inconvenient to pedestrians than slowly navigating the little path on the bicycle.

I can see no reason why this impromptu maze has been constructed. I can also see no reason why a cycle path couldn't have been added alongside the pedestrian path.

I assume that this is all conditioning us for cycling to the Olympics. For added realism, I would suggest that they should construct a ZIL lane for the dignitaries next to the "cyclist dismount" sign and have someone issuing huge fines for anyone daring to use a bicycle in the presence of important people.

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